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It’s very import to wear the correct size shoes. Follow these instructions to measure your foot at home to get the perfect fit:

1. Place a sheet of paper on a hard floor.

2. Stand on the paper.
*If your foot is really long, just tape together more sheets of paper.
*It’s important that you are standing - your foot will extend in this position. We also recommend that you measure your foot in the afternoon (your foot will swell later in the day to its true size)

3. Use a #2 pencil (or a thin marker the width of a #2 pencil)  to trace the outline of your foot

*Keep the pencil perpendicular to the edge of your foot.

4. Use a ruler and measure from the back center of the heel to the longest toe. Check both feet and use the measurement of the longest foot.

 *Subtract about .09 inches or 0.25 centimeter to account for the diameter of the pencil.

5.  Measure width: Most people overlook this, but it is important for comfortable fitting shoes. Use a ruler and measure the widest part of the foot. Usually this will be around the ball of the foot.

*Subtract about .09 inches or 0.25 centimeter to account for the diameter of the pencil.

6. Use Gizmo Factor’s sizing guide and find your length measurement  and the correct shoe size. Check that the  width measurement corresponds with the length.

*Our shoes are 100% made in Spain and uses EU sizing standards. This system has no half EU sizes and generally come in medium width. The shoe’s width will be indicated on the product page

*Shoe sizing is not an exact science. If you are in between sizes, select the larger.

If you still have doubts on how to measure your foot, watch this short instructional video on how to do the job.


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    Quality Boots

    The quality of this shoe is impressive, excellent product. The attention of the staff that handles customer service is very attentive – immediately responds. For these reasons, I would definitely recommend this company.

    Tony’s fashion

    Needs for shoes to be slightly bigger up to size 13 and 14 for men.


    Really cute shoes and the delivery was extra fast! Thanks!


    Very well made shoes and excellent customer service!

    What a great boot!

    This boot looks better in person than even in the pics! When it first came in it was concerning because it was so fitted on the calf but it has stretched beautifully. The boot is so comfortable and like nothing I have found in the States. Makes a great statement. Love the soles...quiet and comfortable. Shipping fast and convenient. Keep it up